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Half bird, half man...**** knows how it happened!!! - Jack

On October 24th, Ravenstein received its premiere in the UK and was shortly after released directly to DVD in the USA.

James McClusky (The Bastard Sword) plays David and Nik Kaneti-Dimmer. (The Granary) plays Marky two best friends who stumble upon an abandoned factory but little do they know, it is really the nest of a KILLER BIRDMAN!!!!

The film takes many elements from classic monster films from the 1940s and 1950s and is almost a modern day tribute to the films of that era with an original story and an original monster.


The film was written by Eveshka Ghost and Tom Walters and Produced by Walters and Phillips.

Ravenstein is the third production by Rusalka Pictures and was nominated for two awards.

It stars James McClusky (The Bastard Sword), and Nik Kaneti-Dimmer. (The Granary).

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