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Xander's Discography

Xander The Musician

It’s All Rock N’ Roll To Me - Billy Joel

Before he got into filmmaking Xander was exclusively a Musician.
Xander has been a Guitarist since the age of 7 and has been trained in a wide range of styles as a session musician. 
He played at the Legendary Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in a big band orchestra at the age of 17. He’s got a very wide range of musical whether it be the early pioneering playing styles of Les Paul or Charlie Christian or the later guitar virtuosos of the 80’s and 90’s like Eddie Van Halen or Steve Vai. Xander is proficient in a variety of styles and can replicate most playing styles with ease. He has a wide range of gear from different eras making his versatility as a musician ideal in any situation. 
He has both a Diploma and Batchelor of Arts Degree in professional musicianship making him the ideal candidate for any piece. 


Our Signature Aesthetic

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