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Xander has been Voice acting since 2017 and began by specializing in replicating famous established characters for fun.

Since then Xander has developed his own original voices for original characters in audiobooks, videogames, and animation.

However, Xander also has experience in more commercial work all over the world for famous brands such as Nando's, Wagamama, The Second Cup Coffee Company and even featured as a character in Qatar's very first Anime film.

Most recently he has voiced a recurring character in a popular children's show. (British English Dub) the channel of which as of December 2020 has over 35 billion views.

Commercial &


  • "Mali By Bin Mirza" | Android and IPhone App (2020)

  • Nando's | Social Media Advert 2020

  • Wagamamas | Social Media Advert 2020 

  • Second Cup Coffee Company | Social Media Advert (2020)


  • Justice In Unity (????) - Redux | Casimir Winslow , Sir Henry Cockburn

  • Nerdybird Studios - Potion Commotion (2020)| The Poem Master, Sir Vaylance, William Blobspere, Hugo Gurl

  • Interactiva Studios - Before Dusk (2020)| Airforce Pilot

Dubbing & ADR

  • Rusalka Pictures - The Granary (2017) | James "Jimmy" Roman

  • Rusalka Pictures - The Bastard Sword (2018)| Tias

  • 23DX - 2030 The Future of Our Nation (2020)| Passenger 

  • Undisclosed Popular Children's Show (2021)| Father, Grandfather, Additional Voices. (British Dub) 

Xander's Character Demo Reel 2021


  • Jali Entertainment  - The Veiled Monarch (Audiobook) | Werewolf, Doctor 

  • Archipelago: Credenza & the Demon Hunters (Audiobook) | Additional Voices

  • Unofficial Fallout Audiobook 2020 | Wren 

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