Xander has been Voice acting since 2017 specializing in impressions of famous characters.

Since then Xander has been developing his own original voices for other characters. 

His body of work can be found by clicking on Casting Call Club logo below.

Xander has voiced characters in a wide body of work ranging from Videogames and Audiobooks to Feature Films and Television Advertisements.

  • Justice In Unity - Redux | Casimir Winslow , Sir Henry Cockburn

  • Nerdybird Studios - Potion Commotion | The Poem Master, Sir Vaylance, William Blobspere

  • Interactiva Studios - Before Dusk | Airforce Pilot

  • 2 3D X - 2030 The Future of Our Nation | Passenger

  • Jali Entertainment  - The Veiled Monarch (Audiobook) | Werewolf, Doctor 

  • Archipelago: Credenza & the Demon Hunters (Audiobook) | Additional Voices

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