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High Mums

You Can't Hash your cake and eat it too!

High Mums is Xander's directorial debut and the first collaboration between Rusalka Pictures and Moran Films.

The film follows the character of "Lauren" who must look after her mum and her friends after they end up eating some cake tainted with Marijuana!!!


To talk about High Mums firstly i have to tell you about my grandfather. He was our town's oldest performing entertainer up until the age of 95 where he was even performing late night shows at the famous Vauxhall Tavern in London. He was very much an showman at all times and it wasn't uncommon for him to come out with ideas for plays and sketch ideas that he was "much too old to do now".

On the 6th of March 2016 we were celebrating his birthday and the two of us went to another table where it was slightly quieter and we were able to talk about a film shoot i'd just come from (Which I believe was The Granary).

We spoke a little about entertainment and how it had changed over the years and how there were sketches and plays he never got to do.

and how film was the one thing he wished he could have "had a go at" but never did. It was at this moment he commented on how loud it was in the restaurant as some elderly ladies were at another table also celebrating a birthday. (they were all a little merry). I made a comment about how they were all so excited they seemed high.

We chuckled and said it must be in the cake.

And so the original sketch idea of  "4 elderly ladies getting high" was born.

A few notes were made so I wouldn't forget the idea but ultimately the idea was on the back burner.

Some time in 2017 Eveshka Ghost and I were on one of our many "Concept Roadtrips". (a Concept Roadtrip is where we drive to different places and imagine if we were to write a story there and then what kind of film it would end up being.) Eventually I brought up the idea of the aforementioned sketch and he thought it was amusing but we both realised getting grandmothers together may be a little tricky, he suggested what if they weren't High Grandmothers, What if they were...High Mums!

So the concept was born but it wasn't until a few years later when it would become a film. 


By the end of the summer of 2019 the script had been written and i'd started casting and getting a crew together and I told my grandfather about how I was turning the idea we had into a film but unfortunately he couldn't remember the conversation we had previously, but that didn't matter. It was still a collaboration without him this film would have never have been written. He passed away on the 10th of October. 


We postponed the filming and on the 5th of January we started shooting. The Cinematographer on this film was Raphael Moran of Moran Films and the project became the first collaboration that we as Rusalka Pictures had done with another studio

- Xander 2020

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