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The Story So Far...

"The Man Stuck In Time"

Alexander "Xander" Phillips, born on December 19th, 1994, is a multi-talented individual known for his diverse contributions to the world of entertainment.

As an actor and filmmaker, he is primarily known for his role as "Tias" in the multi-award-winning fantasy adventure film "The Bastard Sword." He served as a partner of Rusalka Pictures Ltd and co-produced some award-winning films such as Ravenstein, Pavilion, and Broken Eyes.

He is set to play the starring role of "Charles William Morris" in the upcoming drama film "Life In The Old Cloth," coming in late 2024.

As a voice actor, Xander is primarily known for his corporate work, including notable clients such as "Nandos," "Wagamama," and the English voice of the "Bin Mirza" delivery app in the UAE. However, throughout 2020-2021, Xander featured as recurring characters on multiple children's television shows where his distinctive voice and "licensed soundalike characters" have been heard over 50 million times.

In addition to his diverse entertainment roles, Xander is an active member of "The South Downs Magicians Club in West Sussex", where he collaborates with fellow magicians to hone his craft and entertain audiences with mind-bending illusions.

Initially starting as a sound engineer and boom operator, he crossed paths with composer Eveshka Ghost in 2015, leading to his involvement with Rusalka Pictures, solidifying his presence as both an actor and producer.

As a partner at Rusalka Pictures Ltd., co-owned with Eveshka Ghost, Xander continues to contribute to innovative cinematic projects.

As a musician, singer, and songwriter, Xander draws inspiration from the rich musical landscape of the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, crafting a unique blend of sounds that he describes as "Synthrock."

His guitar style, often likened to legends such as "Neal Schon" and "Bruce Springsteen", incorporates elements of Synthwave, reminiscent of "The Motion Epic" and "Kidburn", adding a modern twist to classic rock influences.

Xander's journey in music began with a deep admiration for pioneers like "Les Paul", "Brian May", and "Eddie Van Halen", which later evolved into a versatile skill set honed through formal studies at BIMM Brighton. From jazz and blues to heavy metal, Xander's musical exploration knows no bounds.

In March 2023, Xander released his debut EP "Moments From A Forgotten Summer, a collection of tracks inspired by scenes from his unmade film project titled "Forgotten Summer." Following its success, he followed up with the release of his single "Hotline To My Heart" in June 2023.

Xander's eclectic talents and unwavering passion for creativity underscore his status as a dynamic force in the entertainment industry, leaving an indelible mark on music, film, and beyond.

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