About Xander

"A Real Grande Warrior"

Alexander "Xander" Phillips (Born 19th of December 1994) is an Producer, Voice Actor and Musician plus Actor best known for his role as Jimmy in "The Granary" and Tias in "The Bastard Sword".
When Xander was five he developed an interest into cinema from watching old VHS tapes of classic movies such as "Star Wars", Clint Eastwood's "The Man With No Name Trilogy", the "James Bond film franchise" and "Superman" . Xander accounts these films as the source of his love for cinema.
Xander got his first guitar at the age of 10 after being inspired to play from Brian May playing the guitar on the top of Buckingham Palace. In 2015 Xander became friends with Composer/Director Eveshka Ghost and joined Rusalka Pictures as film crew and worked on 3 "abandoned" film projects, with time running out at the set, a "Plan D" film was set up with every member of the cast playing actor roles. This "Plan D" film was "The Granary" (2017) where Xander played supporting character "Jimmy".
Xander most recently played the leading role of Tias in fantasy adventure film "The Bastard Sword" in 2018